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Handover of the sknife «steak knife to go» to Reto Böhlen

On November 1st 2018 Michael Bach (CEO sknife) handed over the sknife swiss pocket knife «steak knife to go» No. 0002 to Reto Böhlen (general manager Lorenzi, specialist knife shop in Zurich and president of «Verband Schweizerischer Messerschmied-Meister»). No. 0001 is in the sknife knife manufactory in Biel. Reto Böhlen recently visited us in Biel and spontaneously ordered some sknife pocket knives, which have now been delivered. He also already successfully resold some of them to end consumers.

The first 10 pocket knives were produced end of October and the first damask pocket knives will be delivered mid of November.