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Top Events

Top Events - Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz, Bocuse d'Or Suisse in Geneva, World Championship in Nice, Escoffier International in Zurich, JRE Convention in Belgium.

In the finals of the Gourmet Festival sknife had 238 knives covered on the tables. Guests and Top Chefs had the opportunity to cut with sknife steak knives. At the Bocuse d'Or each 23-member, top class Jury with Joël Robuchon and Anton Mosimann received a sknife steak knife out of the Franck Giovannini collection. On the 4th "Coupe du Monde des Écaillers" with initiator Marcel Lesoille, world champion in oyster opening and fan of the sknife oyster knife. At the Escoffier International Event 200 Top Chefs from all over the world could eat with sknife steak knives. sknife is partner of the Sapori Ticino since 2012 and this years invited guests had the opportunity to eat with sknife steak knives. sknife knife workshop at ChefAlps. At the fair internationally, renowned top master chefs were showcasing their skills live on stage.