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Knife manufactory

Forge in Oberburg and knife manufactory in Biel: at about 1’000°C and with a hammer impact energy of 3.5 tons the high quality steel is forged in Emmental – an amalgamation between a high quality material and wrought craft. The knives are manufactured entirely by hand in the sknife knife manufactory in Biel.

The wooden grips are assembled manually and seamless glued. The glue has been used in the aviation and therefore it is very heat-resistant. The knife and the wooden grips are pre-grinded at the same time and in several additional steps put into the final form from a professional cutler.

DATES: October 14th, November 11th and December 2nd 2019 between 3pm and 5pm. APPOINTMENT: LOCATION: sknife ltd., Neuengasse 5, 2502 Biel.